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About Us

What is a Secure Drive? 

It is a completely legal and secure travel service where you can request individual and organized travel with an instant or advanced booking system. ; Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Muğla-Bodrum travel partners Securedrive 7/24 in all provinces and districts, Istanbul airport transfer, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport transfers, hotel transfers from Ankara Esenboğa airport transfers , hotel transfers , Ankara , Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Transfers, Izmir hotel transfer , Antalya airport transfer , hotel transfer antalya , Antalya airport transfers , Bodrum and the hotel provides a transfer service Secure Drive secure drive that moves with the principle of satisfaction of travel partners ; It serves its users as a mobile and desktop.

Create a Secure Drive Reservation after entering the boarding and arrival location information with the reservation, you will be redirected to the customer information form screen for the transfer service you requested when you accept the price offer offered to you. The entered information must be entered completely and correctly, as a matter of legal necessity. A person or persons who have not been logged in during the transfer cannot be included in the transfer service.
If you have an extra service request after entering the passenger information on the login screen completely and correctly during booking in Secure Drive, you will be redirected to the Secure Drive 3D Security payment screen by selecting it. After entering your bank account information completely and correctly, after entering the security code sent to you by the bank with which you are contracted, your payment will be made and these booking information you have created will be sent to your contact information via SMS and E-Mail. On the date of booking, the vehicle and driver information will be sent to the contact information before your Secure Drive booking time.
The driver and the vehicle identified by you will be located on time at the pickup point you specify on the Secure Drive booking screen. Secure Drive drivers can contact the person who has the reservation, determine the appropriate pickup point, or request instant location information if necessary. 
Account holders who create online reservations for the transfer service with Secure Drive can postpone and cancel their reservations up to 2 hours before the booking time they created. For cancellation requests, the refund is completed within 7 business days, and you may receive an extra payment for postponed dates. To postpone your Secure Drive transfer reservations, you can contact the customer service staff via the Secure Drive live WhatsApp service or the Secure Drive contact number to forward the new date you want to postpone. 

Securedrive Pricing Policy

Secure Drive avoids travel partners from paying outside the proposed fee. Fees are indicated on the booking screen provided to you. Securedrive travel partners will request a Secure Drive vehicle by creating a reservation after this offer is submitted to them. Secure Drive pricing is offered based on the KM at the point of departure and destination, in case of traffic encountered during the transfer, no extra charges under the name of waiting or stopping are reflected in Secure Drive travel partners. Secure Drive is a multinational transfer service company that provides services with a customer price protection policy, and Secure Drive finds instant and immediate solutions to the problems of travel and transfer partners.

The pleasure of privileged transportation with different additional service options such as airport pick-up services and baby seat options for our little guests.
With its professional and experienced driver team and a fleet of vehicles with high safety and quality standards, it continues its safe and legal journey from where it left off.
With its simple, functional and easy to use, you can complete your reservation process in a few minutes.
Secure Drive continues to serve with economic price models specially prepared for companies, reporting, finance and management screens, b2b panels, corporate integration options and 24/7 support services.